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Fashion Modelling

If you want to model at some point in time you will need a portfolio. Portfolio models along with their comp card is the fashion world equivalent of a CV or Resume. Portfolio makes you see, it lets Photographers, Fashion Editor and Art Directors know what that looks like. your portfolio to make people know who you are and what you can do.

Indonesian Portfolios Female Photography 1

Indonesian Portfolios Female Photography 2

If you are new to modelling you will need the basic folio shots. The basic shots really do show what you look like. It’s a very important step getting these pictures that show you as these first pictures will show photographers what you are like. They can be studio photographs or location and they are possibly not going to be the most exciting pictures in your portfolio (though you never know) but they are important, they are the first step in getting you noticed.

Indonesian Portfolios Female Photography 3

Indonesian Portfolios Female Photography 4

These photographs must be clean and clear, check your height, body type, face and hair. What do you like! Of course, once you have these images in your portfolio will not be long before you start adding to your “book” with more creative images. You will begin “testing” with photographers who are looking for ideas for their own portfolios. This is often done in exchange for your time for photographers and artists to make up time, you will probably not deliver the same fashion stylist for the shoot.

fashion modelling female photography 1

fashion modelling female photography 2

Fashion modelling female photography 3

Fashion modelling female photography 4

Location or Studio?
That is probably going to be organised between you and the photographer but your first professional portfolio shoot will most likely be done in the studio. Studio photography has the distinct advantage of not needing to worry about the weather; the shoot will be on rain or shine. When it comes to the more creative tests it could be either. As your portfolio grows you will accumulate a variety of studio and location shots and as the jobs are published you will be putting the magazine pages, ‘tear sheets’ in your folio too.

professional fashion modelling photography

Fashion modelling female photography 6

Fashion modelling female photography 7

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